9 Reasons to visit Estonia

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Why would Ben recommend you to visit Estonia? Now, when he’s back from the trip, he’s got a dozen of reasons.
…very few travellers ever consider adding Estonia to their itinerary, which is a shame because Estonia is truly a European gem. This unspoiled, unique and underrated Baltic country is a must visit, and here are 9 reasons why Estonia should be your next travel destination.

Visit Estonia because

It offers Fresh, Clean and Organic Food,
Estonia boosts Internet Everywhere.
and the country has Untouched, Accessible, and Wild Nature.
besides, it is Mass-Tourism Free.
and is Easy to Get Around.
unlike the bordering Scandinavia, Estonia is Best Value For Your Money in Europe.
and offers you to Experience the Island Life.
and of course, Estonia is a Historical Country (medieval).
you see, Estonia Has Something For Everyone.

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