There’s a lot to see and feel every time we are visiting a new city. We can admire the architecture and the layout, we can meet locals in a cafe, we can visit the museums and galleries. Do you have a tradition to see how every city looks from a bird’s eye view? In case you are always looking for a platform to see a new city from above, here is the list of possible Riga observation decks:



Riga observation decks in the Old Town

The highest tower in the Old Town of Riga is the Bell Tower of St. Peter’s Church.
We are lucky if a city we are visiting has an Old Town and it always appears on a must-see list even if we are staying a bit outside, probably saving a buck. To see the old town roofs from above may become your biggest inspiration and the bell tower of the St. Peter’s Church is the perfect place in Riga. Well, it’s quite tight and crowded at times.
Closed on Mondays
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Riga observation decks - St Peter's Church Riga
St Peter’s Church Riga



Riga observation decks outside the Old Town

Academy of Sciences in Riga – this is an imposing building just beyond Riga Market when walking from the old town. It is cheaper here than at St. Peter’s Church, the building also boasts bigger capacity and therefore should be well considered, especially if you come in a group of friends.
Open daily April thru November
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Riga observation decks - Academy of Sciences Riga
Academy of Sciences Riga




Riga Observation Decks outside the Old Town

Skyline Bar Riga of Radisson Blu Hotel Latvija is a perfect deck for Riga-at-night panoramas.
It is a bar, yes, and you can also get a meal here, so this three-in-one composition could serve the best solution to those with limited time resource.
Open daily
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Riga observation decks - Skyline Bar Riga
Skyline Bar Riga


Riga Observation Decks on a map

We have to admit that until researching for this article, we would have imagined that the capital of Art Nouveau would be Brussels, Barcelona or Paris; or the city of Riga never even crossed our minds.

Well, Art Nouveau architecture in Riga makes up roughly one-third of all buildings in the city center, making the Latvian capital the city with the highest concentration of Art Nouveau architecture anywhere in the world.

Riga Art Nouveau
Riga Art Nouveau

The reason why Riga has the finest and the largest collection of Art Nouveau buildings in the world is the fact that, at the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th centuries, when the style was at the height of its popularity, Riga experienced an unprecedented financial and demographic boom. In the period from 1857 to 1914 its population grew from 282,000 to 558,000, making it the 4th largest city in the Russian Empire and an important sea port.

Riga Art Nouveau
Riga Art Nouveau

Stylistically, the Art Nouveau architecture of Riga is often divided into four main categories: Eclectic or Decorative; Perpendicular or Vertical; National Romantic and lastly Neo-Classical.

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