Baltic Road Trips

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Amber Seashore Road Trip: 7-day Itinerary

This Riga and Baltic seashore road trip has a good combination of city and nature in just 7 days. Reverse is also feasible.

Baltic Countries Road Trip Grand 15 days

Take this 2-week Baltic Countries Road Trip itinerary. It surely features main sights of the Baltic Countries, but also gives you some more time at lodging points. As a result the main driver can spend more time away from a steering wheel, hence enjoying the holiday.

Baltic Countries Tours: 9-day Road Trip

Curonian Spit, Hill of Crosses, Gauja National Park and three Baltic Capitals – all in one of the independent Baltic countries tours.

Baltic Cruise and Baltic Road Trip in 10 days

Baltic Sea archipelago with 5 Baltic capital cities in one tour in 10 days: fly in Helsinki, sail to Stockholm, then to Tallinn and then drive all the way through via Riga to reach Vilnius. Or all this in reverse.

Baltic Road Trip Holidays 13 days itinerary

This comprehensive driving itinerary will offer everything you would expect from your Baltic road trip holidays. So, a paper road map or a GPS navigation to reach the Curonian Spit and Saaremaa Islands?

Baltic States Tours 2021. A 10-day Road Trip

One of the most popular independent Baltic States tours with Tallinn, Riga, Vilnius, National Parks, Curonian Spit and Saaremaa Islands.

Golf in Baltics. Ultimate 11-day Road Trip

Golf Baltic with 8 rounds of golf, 10 hotel nights, rental car. This dedicated road trip supposes playing golf at 8 different golf courses near Tallinn, Parnu, Riga, Klaipeda, Kaunas and Vilnius.

Golf Tallinn Golf Riga Golf Vilnius 6-day trip

This dedicated road trip supposes 5 rounds of golf at different courses and trying your luck at a state-of-the-art Parnu Bay Links right on the Baltic seashore may remain your biggest memory of the trip.

Lithuania Road Trip in 7-days

This Lithuania road trip itinerary across the country combines the beautiful baroque Vilnius and the picturesque nature of the Curonian Spit in one shot.

Self Driving Baltic Holidays in 8 days

Have a road-book, but not a schedule. Driving during your Baltic holidays is good for you can choose what you do at any certain point of the trip.

Tallinn Riga Vilnius Road Trip: 7-day Itinerary

This is just a quick Tallinn Riga Vilnius road trip to cover all the three Baltic Capitals. There is still some space for your improvisation, but not that much.