Baltic Golf Trips: Riga Golf, Parnu Golf Links, Tallinn Golf, Vilnius Golf and more courses

Baltic Golf Trips – they are born here. Choose from the mega trips featured here bellow or tell us of your wishes and preferences. We will customise a trip so you can golf Estonia, golf Lithuania, golf Latvia or have a mix to fit your liking.

Plan your trip from mid-April till mid-October and the best conditions of the golf courses spread May till September. Yes it is quite a short season, but the courses are all well looked after and very different from each other. And yes, be prepared to lose some balls as water hazards are there for you.

Ozo Riga Golf, Parnu Golf Links, Tallinn Golf, Saare Golf on Saaremaa Island, Vilnius Golf, Klaipeda National Golf, Capitals Golf…

Even if you are just looking for golfing day trips from Tallinn,

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Golf in Baltics. Ultimate 11-day Road Trip

Golf Baltic with 8 rounds of golf, 10 hotel nights, rental car. This dedicated road trip supposes playing golf at 8 different golf courses near Tallinn, Parnu, Riga, Klaipeda, Kaunas and Vilnius.
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per person
Golf Tallinn Golf Riga Golf Vilnius

Golf in Lithuania + Riga Golf 6-day trip

This is a 6-day and 4-game road trip, which gives you a balance of golfing and touring.
Golf Tallinn Golf Riga Golf Vilnius

Golf Tallinn Golf Riga Golf Vilnius 6-day trip

This dedicated road trip supposes 5 rounds of golf at different courses and trying your luck at a state-of-the-art Parnu Bay Links right on the Baltic seashore may remain your biggest memory of